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    Farrow & Ball

    Farrow&Ball is known worldwide as a leader in the production of paints and varnishes with a wide range of qualitaty products that lead to granted results. It's possible to use it in: interior areas, external spaces, walls, ceilings, furnitures, wooden or concrete floors. Thanks to the high pigment content, our colors are visibly rich and full. It's really difficult to find anything similiar. Each Farrow&Ball color, and finish is created by combining the best raw materials, and thanks to the ability of the master craftsmen. These extraordinary formulas are lasting through the years.

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    Vintage Paint

    Disponibile presso il nostro negozio, la Vintage Paint, un prodotto fantastico e di una facilità estrema. Una finitura ultra matt e un aspetto gessoso, ne fanno un prodotto fantastico. Adatta anche alla camera dei tuoi bambini perchè 100% naturale. Rispetta i dettami dello standard Europeo EN71-3 (sicurezza chimica dei giocattoli in Europa). Non ha bisogno di sverniciatura, di primer e asciuga rapidamente.




  • skirting and ceiling decoration

    skirting and ceiling decoration






    Industrial wooden floors

    Itlas, is a national establishment company, who produces parquets floors. It has a wide range of floors , with different finishing, sizes and colors.

    Each production respects laws and certification that regulates the wood floor trades, and respects the Envirorment. Their production is divided in: Le Assi del Cansiglio, Le Tavole del Piave and Legni del Doge.

    The entire product line is available

    Handmade Wooden Floors

    If you are looking for a wooden floor, with a unique size, color and finish, thanks to the knowledge of the venetian artisans, it's possible to realize a product that will last for years, for its quality and unicity.

    The quality of the raw material is enhanced by the craftsmanship, to the achievement of your desires.



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